SD Holman  Lens-based Artist  |

SD Holman (born Hollywood CA circa the 60’s, presently working in Canada) is a critically acclaimed racialized dyslexic artist practicing lens-based art, installation, performance, curation, and other provocations. 

SD Holman augurs the symbiocene through portraiture of human and non-human persons. Defining as a participant observer employing subjective conceptual documentary and environmental intersections, Holman’s work is conflicted and perverse, dealing in paradox and cognitive dissonance. SD deploys Indeterminacy to open artistic practice to the random and radically break from tradition, convention, and habit, to wake up to the very life we’re living, and  to heal and transform our world: Tikkun Olam

Described as  “visionary” by curator/scholar Jonathan D. Katz, Holman is a graduate of ECUAD, laureate of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award, and Founding Artistic Director Emeritus of the transdisciplinary QAF+SUM gallery.

Holman’s work is collected privately and exhibits internationally, including Wellesley College, Amherst College, CLGA ArQuives (Toronto), the Advocate Gallery (Los Angeles), the Soady-Campbell Gallery (New York), the San Francisco Public Library, On Main Gallery, The Helen Pitt International Gallery, Charles H. Scott, Exposure, Gallery Gachet, SUM gallery, the Roundhouse, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Artropolis and Fotobase Galleries (Vancouver). Holman’s portrait project BUTCH: Not like the other girls toured North America and is in its second print edition, published by Caitlin Press.  Seven written and produced art books: found here.  Art published in printed books: Culture and Education, Wadham, Pudsey & Boyd, (Pearson Education Australia: 2007; 2nd ed. 2009); Femme/Butch: New Considerations of the Way We Want to Go, Gibson & Meem (Routledge: 2002); Fusion (Link publications: 2002); The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, Jakubowski & Jaye Lewis (Robinson Publishing: 2001). Studio Q, Holman’s notorious DTES Art Salon in Vancouver’s Chinatown, was featured in Secrets of the City (1st edition).

Holman was picked up by the Vancouver Association for Non-commercial Culture (the NON) out of art school. Holman became Artistic Director of Pride in Art in 2008, spearheaded co-founding QAF, now recognized among the top 2 art festivals of its kind worldwide, and founding SUM gallery.

Curatorial highlights include UnSettled, the world’s first-ever Two-Spirit curated arts festival (2017)TRIGGER, the 25th-anniversary exhibition for sex-positive feminist collective Kiss & Tell’s notorious Drawing the Line project; Adrian Stimson’s Naked Napi exhibition, his first solo show after winning the Governor General’s award; and Drama Queer, seminal queer historian Jonathan D. Katz’s only curation in Canada to date. Holman is Vice-President of the On The Cutting Edge Society; On Main Gallery.

Fun facts + …

Holman played the first recurring lesbian role on North American network television, years before Ellen Degeneres’ televised coming out, as Beth on Global TV’s Madison for three seasons; ( a role which led to Madison being denied syndication in the U.S.

SD Holman lived and worked as a cowboy in Rock Creek B.C for several years.

SD is a radical sex pervert whose bottom describes them as, an evil stone butch top with a strong whip arm, a perilous aim and a dangerous imagination.

SD Holman’s pronoun is art.