Still Life (Nature Morte)

Meditation on loss & the life imbued in the objects of the dead. I am photographing absence. Objects become imbued with the divine, at once present and absent, lonely and glorifying, empty and full. They are part of her or rather she part of them - her DNA is there, tiny particles of her, all I have left except for fallible memory. I reach out to her through the water through time through the only means I know, art.

Butch: Not like the other girls

A photographic exploration of the space occupied by female masculinity. Butch is an inclusive site of resistance to limitations on the way women, gender, and sexuality are still defined. The images honour the mercurial beauty, power and diversity of women who transgress the gender binary - celebrating the transversal dialectic of female masculinity.

Stealing Masculinity

Why stealing masculinity? Because there’s no peace arch at these borderlines. Gender is patrolled viciously both by the powers that be and by smalltime hoodlums, taking potshots (or worse) at anyone refusing to conform; the space in between is fenced with razorwire — crossing in the open is a dangerous position to be caught — as it were in enemy territory.


Curator: Persimmon Blackbridge - Self-portrait about the intersection of gender, disability and technology and a conceptual interrogation of current political events and contemporary photographic art practice. Three life size C-Prints Photo installation with urinal.


1998 - G.l.D. Gender Identity Disorder or... Girls in Drag. photo-based exhibition/installation. G.I.D. refers to Gender Identity Disorder, a term from the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders to describe woman who “ fail to identify as a sexual female” GID was put in the DSM when homosexuality was taken out. Girls in drag is a subversion. Su bono?
self portrait_0215.jpg


Pictures from 2011 volunteer trip to Haiti after the earthquake.
on the waterfront_0046.jpg

On The Waterfront

Working on the longshore.