GenderStupid – Self portrait

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Oh Damn I left my penis at home
playing with the big boys
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3  Chromogenic Archival Prints 36”x48” each from 2/4 film transparency. Limited Edition of 3 (2004) Full Installation includes urinal (wink to Duchamp)


Gender and disability affect every part of my life, all the time, and I’m always passing. I pass as a girl, or I pass as a boy — neither one fits, but those are my only choices. My closest ‘Girl’ friends have all turned out to be boys. What’s wrong with me that I can’t make the change and take it like a man? Is it Gender Identity Disorder?

Nah. The truth is, I’m genderstupid not genderqueer (genderqueer being that excellent phrase bandied about that I use as a descriptor for myself) but I realize gender stupid may be more accurate, like gender dyslexic or something — gender and disability together always… Read More